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Lord, Teach Me To Pray

What is "Lord, Teach Me To Pray"?

"Lord, Teach Me To Pray" is a series on prayer developed to meet the desire of Catholic Women for an ongoing spiritual growth in their response to the call to holiness and a deeper commitment to Jesus as Lord.  It was developed as an outreach program for  women of LTMTP to bring the Holy Spirit into their surrounding communities through the facilitating of faith-sharing prayer communities enabling Catholic women the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The series, "Lord, Teach Me To Pray" began on September 11, 2001 at 9:30 am.  The series is now available to parishes and dioceses.

How does the prayer series work?

The program is designed to help women learn how to pray.  It was developed upon the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola who is the founder of the Society of Jesus.  The spirituality of St. Ignatius and his Spiritual Exercises has been used for centuries to develop the spirituality of many great saints.  The entire series is broken up into three consecutive parts that must be completed in sequential order.

What is Part One of the series?

Part One, Praying Christian Virtues, is a 12 week program that focuses on the need to develop good religious habits on the spiritual teachings handed down to us on the Christian virtues.  It introduces the prayer of meditation and contemplation devised by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  You will discover what St. Ignatius suggests to do for dryness in prayer and how to listen.  The participants will also become acquainted with some of the great saints of our Church.

This program is conducted in a group experience of approximately twelve women with the assistance of trained facilitators.  The group will meet in a private home once a week for two hours, for a total of twelve weeks.  The facilitators guide the participants through the two hour meetings.  Each meeting consists of an opening prayer, time for personal faith sharing and presentatins on Ignatian prayer and a particular Christian virtue.  Participants are given Scripture passages to use every day for 15 minutes of personal prayer at home to build a sense of each virtue, while encouraging them to live an authentically Catholic  life in the cultural situation they encounter daily.

What is Part Two of the series?

Part Two, My 19th Annotation, provides retreatants with the experience of doing the full Ignatian Exercises written by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Exercises are done in a group, in communal form, with ten women and trained facilitators who present the different spiritual exercises each week.  Participants are given Scripture readings to use daily for 30-45 minutes of private prayer at home. Weekly meetings are held where participants share their faith experiences in a quiet, respectful way with others.  St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote his Spiritual Exercies in a form for those who live and work in the world, but are unable to withdraw to a silent retreat.  This form of the Exercies if called the 19th Annotation. It is a thirty-week experience, broken up into two, fifteen week sessions with a four week break in the middle.  Part Two will usually begin in September and go until May, with the break during Christmas and New Years.  Part One, Praying Christian Virtues, is a prerequisite for attending Part Two.

What is Part Three of the series?

Part Three is called Discernment & Gifts of the Spirit. St. Seraphim Sarov, a Russian saint said, " The whole spiritual life is nothing but the attaining of the Holy Spirit."  As you begin the third part of the series there cannot be a more appropriate introduction.  During these 14 weeks you will be learning about the identity and activity of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity through the writings of Fr. Andrew J. Apostoli, C.F.R., Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa O. F. M, Archbishop Luis M. Martinez and many others.  You will be introduced to St. Ignatius' Rules for Discernment and write your own rules.  You will meet in a group of 12 women in a private home once a week for 2 hours of prayer and faith sharing.  Trained facilitators will assist you.  Parts 1 & 2 are prerequisites to Discernment & Gifts of the Spirit.

We invite all to join us in prayer asking the blessed Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, to assist all of us, her spiritual daughters, to be open to receiving the renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will, as John Paul II said, initiate a glorious "new springtime" in the Catholic Church.

For more information, contact Marie Lins:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 608-469-3982

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